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Blogger Support

I’m not a huge fan of Blogger/Blogspot, in part because of their history of being an uncaring splog haven, but a recently-publicized email from one of their support staff simply blows my mind, both because it demonstrates actual technical aptitude, which is rare in support staff anywhere, and because it displays a completely unprofessional but very wicked sense of humor. I thought you couldn’t work in technical support and still display, you know, humanity, and emotion. Huh.

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Electronic Mail

E-mail is the internet’s “killer app”, and a surprisingly simple one, at that. Though email has been adapted to do some unlikely things, and even the occasional unwanted development (HTML emails are an abomination – and a major security risk), it’s still a pretty simple, basic set of technologies and protocols. To remain interoperable with those standard technologies and protocols, certain specialized uses, and users, rely on “features” and additions which are little more than kludges.
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