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Even Experts Forget Things

One of the trees – actually, several of the trees – lining the street here were damaged or destroyed in windstorms a few months back, and the city is now apparently getting ready to replace them. Why they’re choosing to plant trees this late in the year, I don’t know… but that’s what they’re doing.

Today, a surveyor came by to mark the utilities near the stump of a neighbor’s fallen tree, which is among those being replaced. I’ve seen a few guys do this kind of marking before, and this fellow was, let me tell you, good. Within seconds of pulling up in front, he’d jogged up to the house, attached what I assume is a signal generator to the gas meter, jogged back to the street, and begun spray-painting the grass. Detector in one hand, sprayer in the other, he whipped back and forth, spraying here and there; a few seconds later, he switched colors, and marked a few other lines; ten seconds later, he had a third color of paint in the sprayer, and additional markings on the grass and curb. Spraying completed, he grabbed a handful of colored flags, and literally threw them like throwing knives into the ground. The area now decorated to his liking, and the whole thing having taken maybe sixty seconds total, he hopped back into the truck, and zoomed away down the street.

Wow, I said to myself from the kitchen, where I’d watched the whole thing, that guy is good. Too bad he left the signal generator behind, still attached to the gas meter…

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