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Syria’s Missing Reactor

The New York Times reports about the possible aftermath of the Israeli air strike on Syria last month, which supposedly destroyed a reactor under construction. They point to the speedy dismantling of the site – a site, not confirmed publicly by anyone as the site of the airstrike, whatever its target may have been – as proof that Syria is “guilty” and has “something to hide”.

In doing so, they’re making a grave but simple error.
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Brevity is Good

Doing some research about the government and military intelligence communities and what is referred to as “analytic tradecraft”, a notable omission in the available open-source references became apparent. Somewhat to my surprise, while every member of the intelligence community has an almost endless number of instructions, recommendations, and regulations about the analysis of information and intelligence, the legal and security considerations for intelligence products, and the proper dissemination and classification markings for intelligence products, there seems to be little in the way of actual instruction on how to actually write an intelligence report.
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