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Knowledge is Power

Email lists are so 1990s, but they still persist as an effective, and efficient, means of disseminating information to a set audience in a relatively timely fashion. In a way, they’re the antithesis of websites; the information you (hopefully) want is delivered when the author wants, rather than when you request it. Most mailing lists have by now been supplemented, if not supplanted, by websites, and two I think everyone (well, everyone who reads this website) should know about are no exception.
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Free 8×10 Print at Adorama

While it isn’t quite as great as some of their past special offers, Adorama Pix is offering a single free 8×10 print as a halloween special. The offer is good through the 28th of October, and requires coupon code PXHAWE07. I assume you still have to pay for the (quite reasonable) shipping…

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Hungry, Thirsty, and Always Wanting More

In my younger years, quite some time ago, I wanted – among other things – to learn how to play the guitar. This was a typical childish desire, I suppose, and I quite methodically figured out all the necessary steps to achieving that goal. Step one, of course, was to get a guitar.

Not coming from a wealthy background, this was harder than it sounded, and something I never actually achieved. By the time I could afford a decent guitar – decent being “anything better than the one sold at Service Merchandise for $99” – a combination of three factors made the point moot: In addition to the harsh realization that I have no musical aptitude whatsoever, I’d long since discovered computers and the accompanying carpal-tunnel syndrome, as well as begun to suffer from arthritis. It was probably for the best.
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