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Union of North America? Hardly.

Cryptome today (19 October) links to this page of photos under the subject “Sovereign Nation of Texas Issues Amero Dollar”. Supposedly, if you read through the site, there’s some kind of secretive conspiracy theory to abolish American sovereignty and create a union between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. “The information presented on this site is not conspiracy theory, shock journalism or speculation”, the site warns.

Unfortunately, as with just about everything else on the site, that statement is wrong.

For the skinny on these “fantasy issues”, as numismaticists refer to them, see this article. Aside from the hysteria being generated among conspiracy-theorists, which is always entertaining, I’m amused by some of the no doubt intentional heraldic and symbolic touches on these coins; after all, they were designed by the same fellow who gave the world this alternative New York state quarter, and this fitting Indiana one.

Come on, Ameros as a currency? No, Neal Stephenson got it right – the next new currency will be the Petrodollar

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