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Strategic Communications and Information Operations

As a nice sort of follow-up to the posts I made last month about “communicating for effect”, there’s an interesting article in last month’s U.S. Army Professional Writing Collection, a generally dry and boring collection of uninteresting writing. Written by Brigadier General Mari Eder, “Toward Strategic Communication” provides a good background and overview on what the military terms “information operations” (a good resource list, incidentally, is here.) It also includes an interesting little tidbit that should come as no surprise to anyone:

Since [the summer of 2004], Central Command’s public affairs operation has made significant strides, from responding rapidly to negative media pieces, to establishing a satellite office in Dubai’s media city, to creating a team to monitor and respond to commentary in the blogosphere.

(Emphasis mine.) I don’t know if this team is still operational, or whether they only deal with CentCom-specific “commentary”; maybe one of them will leave a comment below? Who knows; stranger things have happened here.

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