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Inflammable Water

In the news today, it’s reported that a Pennsylvania scientist found a way to make water burn – at least, when exposed to RF radiation. The trick, once you read the details, isn’t quite as exciting as it first seems – you don’t actually make the water burn – you just produce free hydrogen, which is, of course, quite flammable. There are definite problems with the nebulous plan to use the radio-frequency hydrogen generator to power cars or other devices, not least of which are the not-well-understood effects of RF energy on humans (and other living organisms, for that matter.) I predict a more immediate effect, though – if saline is now, under certain circumstances, flammable, shouldn’t it be banned from carry-on luggage on airplanes, now? Hey, it’s not any more absurd than any of the other restrictions the TSA has imposed – and possibly even better-grounded in reality than some I could name…

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