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Boycott MSP?

The American Land Rights Organization are apparently calling for a boycott of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, also known as MSP, as some sort of absurd protest over the arrest of the widely-stanced Senator Craig (R-ID) there earlier this year.

Assuming their childish demands aren’t met – and the “boycott” is then not lifted – in the next twelve months, conservative nutcases coming to the area for the 2008 RNC Convention are going to be faced with some interesting transportation challenges, as MSP is the only airport in the area that handles commercial passenger air traffic. The obvious alternative – chartering a plane to Holman Field, in downtown Saint Paul – sounds good, until you realize just how little available hangar and apron space the airport has, and how sparse their accomodations are. Fleming Field, a few miles further south, has more space, but is far less conveniently located than either MSP or Holman Field.

If you’re childishly boycotting MSP, want to get to the Twin Cities, and choose to fly commercial airlines, the best alternative is probably to fly into Duluth, and drive the four or so hours down to the Cities; it’s a straight shot down Interstate 35, and slightly faster than driving up from LaCrosse.

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