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Gang Wars

The not-entirely-objective Justice Policy Institute have released a study entitled “Gang Wars” (1.5MB PDF.) In a nutshell, it concludes that gangs are an overstated problem, that gang membership is diminishing, and that none of the existing strategies to combat gangs and gang violence are working.

Well, sort of.
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Supporting the Troops, Part Two

Just one short week ago, I introduced Operation TEMPT to the world (and, being a gentleman, vice versa.) In that post, I introduced twenty-five popular military buzzwords, and encouraged readers to make such part of their everyday vocabulary. This educational joint exercise was initiated not to merely augment one’s available lexicon, but to encourage widespread visible – and audible – demonstrations of support for our nation’s courageous warfighters. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.

Happily, I can report that every benchmark and performance metric so far set for this program has been met or exceeded, on time and on budget. This is a causative indicator for the generation of hope and an immediate precursor for the cautious generation of small but militarily significant quantities of optimism. An unscientific but mathematically-sound survey suggests that this initiative is producing measurable effects upon both the morale of this great nation’s warfighters, and upon the teamship, comraderie, and brotherhoodiness of the participating portions of the American civilian population.
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