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Strawberry Meth

What will those crazy, crazy tweakers think of next? Apparently the new big thing is strawberry-flavored methamphetamine (84KB PDF), which is also colored a bright red. “The colored and flavored methamphetamine… is popular among new users who snort it because the flavoring can cut down on the taste,” says the file, apparently prepared by the Gulf Coast HIDTA task force.

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Trauma, Terrorism, and War

A very large presentation entitled Trauma, Terrorism, and War (8.6MB PowerPoint file) provides a great deal of insight into the psychological effects of war and disaster, covering areas as widespread as post-traumatic stress among emergency workers at disaster sites to the mental and physical effects of captivity on American servicemen captured during the first gulf war. There’s a lot of very interesting stuff in here, and it’s well worth the download for most people with an interest in this kind of stuff.
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