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Secrecy and FOIA at the NSA

The National Security Archive has quietly released an interesting new report earlier this month: 40 Years of FOIA, 20 Years of Delay is their annual look at the oldest pending FOIA requests in the federal government. 20 years and counting kind of puts things in perspective, when I’m feeling like complaining about the Defense Intelligence Agency’s FOIA performance. Fourteen months? Bah, that’s nothing…

Related, in a way, is their notice of hearing today before the House Permenant Select Intelligence Committee Subcommittee on Intelligence Community Management. Their note includes links to NSA General Counsel Meredith Fuchs’ testimony, as well as that of secrecy and oversight guru Steven Aftergood, who writes and edits Secrecy News on far too little sleep, though you’d never guess from reading it.

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Pointing Fingers

Despite frequent claims that bloggers and journalists are security threats, it’s the military itself who are so often to blame for “disclosing” information that overexcitable alarmists have later declared somehow sensitive. Judging from past rounds of this game – and it truly is a game, the way they’re doing it – the next actions will be to (again) re-emphasize the importance of operational security to everyone, and (again) scrub websites of anything at all remotely interesting.

An intersting Army Corps of Engineers FTP site, by the way, is . Enjoy.

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