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William Nesbit

The TCUEC have made available an interesting FBI document on the late William Raymond Nesbit, a murderer and thief who is (in these parts) best remembered, if at all, for having been arrested after several years on the run in a disused brewery cave in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Urban explorers, of course, knew of the story, but details have always been sketchy.

Well, now you, too, can know just about everything there is to know about William Nesbit.

“Interesting case” memos were first created under the direction of J. Edgar Hoover, as (reasonably) concise summaries of noteable cases the FBI had been involved in. They served not only as historical records and educational aids, but copies were often given to magazine and book publishers, television producers, and even movie studios to help produce favorable coverage of the Bureau and its actions, and to help maintain the mystique of the “G Men”, who, at least in the Interesting Case files, “always get their man.”

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The Perilous Quest

Don’t get me wrong, The Hobbit is one of the greatest fantasy novels ever. The Lord of the Rings trilogy, though (the books; I haven’t seen the movies) was in desperate need of an editor, and the fifty or so other Tolkien books published thereafter were – to judge from a very unscientific sampling – money-grubbing dross of the worst sort.
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