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Slightly Misleading

When I saw this article on urban explorers in London, the quite awful wording gave me the impression that PC Wraith and friend had done something quite remarkable and impressive – “scaled the walls of Marx’s final resting place”, are the words the paper uses, summoning visions of some kind of crypt or tomb normally off-limits to the general public.
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Additional Agency Archives

Admittedly alliterative, almost appallingly so, an assortment of additional interesting documents discovered in the deep, dark recesses of the (Central Intelligence) Agency’s website:

  • Target: CIA – (29pp) – a lie can run around the world before the truth has its shoes on
  • Military Intelligence, 1861-1863 – (18pp) – an overlooked side of the American Civil War
  • Cranks, Nuts, and Screwballs – (13pp) – who would have thought the CIA would attract crazy people?
  • Even if you don’t give a hoot about the CIA, or have no interest whatsoever in declassified government documents, check out that last link above. It may be the most absolutely entertaining government document I’ve ever read, and if you don’t find it funny, you’re either dumb, or dead. Or both.

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