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The USB X-Key

Competition is great for innovation, and one area that’s seen a lot of competetive developments is portable and mobile storage devices, especially USB drives. When competing on size, capacity, and price just isn’t working, manufacturers are increasingly tacking on value-added features, like the relatively horrible “U3” software suite.
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Another Strohs Update

A couple days ago, I wrote about recent events at the old Hamm’s / Stroh’s brewery on Minnehaha Avenue in Saint Paul, a complex of buildings near and dear to my heart. In passing, I made reference to the fire that destroyed the only wooden structure on the site about two years ago, which got me to wondering what the eventual cause of the fire was determined to be. Several searches later, I was stumped, as it never seemed to have been covered by local newspapers or television. So, I asked the SPFD, and they responded this morning.
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