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Anonymous Domain Registration

Today, a few thousand words on domain registration, information security, and the fundamental weakness of security-through-obscurity. It’s long, but believe me, if you’re reading this site, it almost certainly reveals something you’ll find very interesting.

Have you ever wondered who uses those “anonymous” domain registration services? Like, say, GoDaddy’s Domains by Proxy service? Naturally, a lot of people use them – spammers, scammers, and criminals, sure, but also regular guys with not much to hide. As is pointed out with some regularity, Domains by Proxy, at least, leaves a little bit to be desired.
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June Housekeeping

After battling a fairly unpleasant respiratory infection for a week, I’m (mostly) recovered and ready to get back to regular shenanigans. I apologize for the abbreviated, Atrios-like posts in recent days; later tonight I should finish something I’m working on that has a lot more substance, and should excite the government watchdogs, the conspiracy theorists, and a lot of others, as well.
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