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Blackberry Pi

While trying to recover from the fun and exciting combination of respiratory infection and over-the-counter medication, I came across some this BlackBerry security checklist (1MB PDF file) on the internet. I’m not cool (or egotistical) enough to have a BlackBerry, or any other kind of PDA, but one part struck me as interesting – the government’s recommendations on password length and composition for BlackBerries:

The device password (PIN) is set to five or more characters. The BES must be configured to enforce this policy. If five characters are used, both a letter (lower or upper case) and a number must be used in all device passwords (the BES must be configured to enforce this policy). If six or more characters are used, only numbers may be used for the password. It is recommended that eight or more characters be used.

I know it’s “just” a PDA, but that seems a pretty low standard for a password, and the requirement of all numerals for passwords six or more characters in length seems decidedly counter-intuitive…

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