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Preservation of Human Remains For Transport

Updated 5/22 with streaming video – now with embedded goodness!

I came across an interesting video on my internet travels that’s likely to appeal be of interest to people reading this site. Produced by the U.S. Army, it’s some kind of instructional film for mortuary affairs personnel about, well, preserving human remains for transport. It’s a little bit disturbing, and almost certainly never intended for public release, but, squeamishness aside, it’s not really objectionable in any way – in fact, I’d say that it’s a gentle reminder that, even in death, our servicemen and servicewomen are well taken care of.

I tried to be cool and hip and post the thing on YouTube, but they don’t seem to support the audio format, and I don’t have the tools to alter that. Drat. However, LiveLeak seems to handle it just fine.

I finally managed to embed the video, but you can also see it right here.

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