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Semantic Interoperability

Semantic Interoperability is a relatively new idea in the information technology field; so new, indeed, that it’s Wikipedia article has neither a talk page nor been the subject of a revert war. Impressive, no?

We don’t yet actually have semantic interoperability, and there’s no guarantee we ever will. We’ve barely had the requisite technologies for more than a year, though, and it’s not as if this is a subject with as broad of interest as, say, the grievious and unnecessary Ajaxification of “Web 2.0” websites. But I digress…
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Weekend Reading

Project Gutenberg offers the text of more than twenty thousand copyright-free books for your reading pleasure. With such an array to choose from, deciding what to read can be quite the challenge. A low-risk one, admittedly, but no less daunting.

Allow me to help. 🙂
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