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Some Military and Defense Contractor Documents

More links for the curious, none as gruesome as yesterday’s, thankfully.

The Dixie Crows have some interesting papers from their last EW conference online here. Most interesting (to us) is this presentation on ‘Deconflicting Electronic Warfare in Joint Operations’ (2.1MB Microsoft PowerPoint file) which is much more interesting than the title might let on, as well as this presentation from TERMA, a Danish defense contractor (11.8MB PowerPoint file marked “Proprietary Data”.)

I’m not entirely sure what the origin of this is, but here’s an interesting recent paper on information classification (96KB PDF) entitled “Excessive Secrecy Constipates Information Flow”, which marvelously describes the problems with information that’s “sensitive but unclassified”, or SBU.

Lastly, you can see the full report on the mental health issues faced by soldiers and Marines deployed in Iraq here (376KB PowerPoint file.)

A meta note: We’ve made some purely behind-the-scenes changes to some of the code on this site, and would appreciate feedback from from any of the teeming throngs reading Entropic Memes via a feed, instead of the purdy website. Danke!

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