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Indian Mounds Park Fires

It was noted here on Saturday that Mounds Park, on Saint Paul’s east side, had been the subject of a controlled burn pretty much unnoticed by local media, for reasons unclear at the time. Well, after a couple phone calls, we got answers to all our questions, and then some.
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Blessed Be

Great and long-awaited news from Americans United today: the U.S. government has recognized the pentacle as a symbol of faith for witches, Wiccans, and pagans in the military, and approved it’s placement on headstones of deceased veterans. I haven’t much to add that this Daily Kos diary hasn’t already covered. I remember when the military first recognized Wicca and paganism as religions, and how excited everyone was that we’d finally achieved equality (on paper, at least.) It soon became apparrent that we were still, in the military’s (and, by extension, government’s) eyes, second-class citizens.
To be entirely honest, that’s probably still as true today as it was back then, but today’s (deeply) symbolic victory is a step in the right direction towards “freedom of religion” with substance behind it.

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