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Blocked in China… or Blocking China?

Weblog Tools Collection posted a link to the Great Firewall of China test site. The site purports to check to see if a given URL is blocked by the Chinese censors, and while a lot of people seem to criticize it for providing false positives, nobody seems to have considered the flipside – hosts blocking Chinese IPs from reaching their sites.

The Great Firewall reports that this site is blocked in China. It’s hard to say if that’s really the case, or if their (IP) address is blocked here.

Our host blocks a number of Chinese (and other) netblocks that have produced unwelcome levels of malignant traffic (hack/crack attempts, DDOSes, et cetera), and we block many more netblocks, either with .htaccess or thru WordPress – primarily comment and trackback spammers, but also netblocks owned by Cyveillance and other web content-monitoring corporations, and similarly malignant enterprises.

Just a reminder that traffic can be blocked from either end. I know, I know, it’s fun to portray the Chicoms as heartless, draconian, censorship-happy monsters who restrict access to websites at a whim… but keep in mind that with all the zombies and other compromised computers in China, a lot of Chinese /24s thru /9s are blocked elsewhere, for quite legitimate reasons that have little or nothing to do with censorship.

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Gonzo, Yet Amiable Spirit

No, we’re not speaking of Attorney General “Abu” Gonzales, who is of course much in the news this week, but an altogether more entertaining subject – urban explorers. reviews the highly-entertaining Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness documentary in a fairly positive article with a few entertaining quotes. Mad props to them for daring to use the word “snotsicle” in a review. We disagree with them about the movie’s appeal to extreme-sport afficionados, but, hey, there’s probably a reason we don’t review movies for money.

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It’s Funny…

It’s funny how just a few days ago people were being really cautious and painfully positive when talking about St. Paul’s most recent trio of homicides, those of the fiancee and a child of one Otahl Saunders, as well as “Telly” himself. “[T]hese people weren’t dope dealers,” said one Deon Hunters. “Police have declined to discuss whether there was anything in the victims’ backgrounds that might have led them to be targeted,” reads a Star Tribune article. Speaking of the fiancee, Maria McLay, a friend opined “She wasn’t mixed up in that crap – crime, drugs, ghetto living.”
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BUFF Urban Explorers

Word in this evening from Melody Gilbert is that her documentary Urban Explorers won the “Best of Fest Feature” award at the Boston Underground Film Festival this past weekend.
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TIME Thinks We’re Stupid

Actually… TIME magazine knows Americans are idiots. Look at the cover stories of their April 2nd, 2007 edition:

TIME Magazine April 2, 2007 covers

Yep, the U.S. edition leads with “Why We Should Teach The Bible In Public School”, while the featured story in the rest of the world is “Talibanistan”, about tribal problems along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Too, note it’s not “Should We Teach The Bible in Public School”, but “Why“.

I guess that’s the great “liberal bias” at work, huh?

(via ‘debel u’ on DKos.)

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