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To new depths sunk

I witnessed a heartwarming display of the irrepressible kindness of strangers and the glorious truth of human nature earlier. I walked to a corner store a few blocks away; on the way back, I was waiting to cross a busy street. One (short) block over was a bus stop, and left leaning against the bench there was a pair of crutches. As I waited for a lull in traffic to cross, an apparently homeless person came walking up, stopped by the bench, looked around, then picked up one of the crutches…
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If at first you don’t succeed…

About a week ago, a letter showed up in the mail; the address was correct, but the recipient’s name was unknown to everyone living here. Hey, it happens. Since it looked like something fairly official, from a cartooney’s office, we decided to return it to the sender, rather than put it in the circular file. I felt I could leave this simple task in the hands of my roommate, who promised to take care of it, and that was the last I thought about it… until yesterday.
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Spammers Will Market Anything

A strange piece of spam showed up in one of my inboxex a day or two ago, nestled in amid offers to increase the size of my mammaries, the size and performance of my manhood, to refinance the home I don’t own, to sell me a watch I don’t want, obviously pirated copies of software suites I have no use for, and all the other shite that bulk email marketers peddle. In amid all that, it managed to catch my attention, as it purported to be about something I both know about, and have an interest in – magick.
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Melody Gilbert Interview

There’s a short but entertaining interview with Melody Gilbert over at the Cinequesting blog, where she talks a little bit about the upcoming premiere of Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness. Worth taking a look at, if only for the “Charlie’s Angels” photo shot in a storm drain. 🙂

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Urban Explorers at the Walker Art Center

With less than a month to go before the events, it’s nice to see the Walker Art Center finally has both showings of Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness on their website, which happily includes the times, as well – 9:30pm on Friday, March 16th, and 4pm on Saturday, March 17th. A quote from director Melody Gilbert promises “In the end, I hope this film helps people see the world in which they live a little differently than they did before,” and I certainly agree with that sentiment.

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