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Spammers to Watch Out For

Meet “Adrian Purcell”, the probably pseudonymous idiot behind AutoBlog, described as “software that automatically places your ad on millions of blogs”. Or, as we like to say in these parts, a comment-spam script.

Yes, that’s right kiddies, for just shy of $200, you too can spam the heck out of innocent blogs “while you sleep”.

The best part?

Advertising using AutoBlog is 100% SPAM FREE advertising! You will never be accused of spamming. Your ads are submitted to public blogs that are free for all to post to.

Would someone please remind which spam excuse that is? Number four, I think? “You’ll never be accused of spamming, because your ad is only sent to people with email addresses that are free for anyone to send mail to”. At what point did I suggest I’d like to offer up my database space, my bandwidth, and the comments on my site for free advertising for all and sundry? Is this blog in any way connected to pharmacology, or gambling, or finance? Nope. Urban exploration, general news and commentary and stuff, sure; even ridiculous legal threats from insecure media executives are “on topic” here. If I thought my visitors wanted to know about car loans, or little purple pills, I think I’d blog about it, eh?

You can tell it’s a legitimate scam business offer when the domain is registered anonymously, and the only way to contact the seller is via email.
So, if you ever wondered who was behind your blog’s spam problem, now you know. Idiots, like testimonial-provider “Simon James” of competing spamvertiser Instant Leads, and “Adrian Purcell”, and all their idiotic spamming customers.

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