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Adorama Sale

The December enlargement sale from – 8×10 color prints for just $0.99, 11×14 prints for $1.99 each – has been extended thru the end of December, according to an email from them. They can’t guarantee holiday delivery for orders after the 18th, but frugal photographers wanting some inexpensive yet high-quality prints from their digital files now have an extra week or so to acquire prints for their own use.

Coupon code remains “PXHOLI810”. Why pay minilab prices for minilab quality, when you can do better for less?

I’m not an employee or affiliate, just a happy customer. I don’t often do anything that resembles an endorsement, but some deals are too good to pass up.

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So Much for That Game

Three minutes into the second period, I think you can pretty well predict the outcome of tonight’s Minnesota Wild – Calgary Flames hockey game. Manny Fernandez is an increasingly binary goaltender – either brilliant, or a sieve; he doesn’t seem to have any intermediate settings.

Ah, well; there’s always Derek Boogaard to make things interesting, even if (as) Minnesota gets their butts handed to them on the road.


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Design Considerations, Part Two

In a previous post, I detailed some of the application-level decisions I’ve made for a new site I’m designing. In this post, I’m going to go into some design goals for the site, and how I’m going to (hopefully!) achieve them.
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Toxic Hell or Taco Bell?

It’s safe to eat at Taco Bell. At least, that’s what they’re saying. And, given that “they” are Taco Bell themselves, who am I to doubt their claims?

In a story from Medical News Today that reads depressingly like a story on the Bush administration, Taco Bell “can reassure you that every Taco Bell is safe and strict standards are being upheld at all our restaurants”. The everpresent threat of libel charges prevents me from speculating what those “strict standards” might consist of, but I’ll just suggest this: if Taco Bell found E. coli in green onions, changed suppliers – even though the old suppliers had no link to E. coli at all – are no longer planning on offering green onions at all, and still have customers coming down with cases of E. coli (instead of the more common gastric distress caused by eating there), maybe they should be looking at the hygeine standards of their minimum-wage employees, and not the providers of their foodstuffs. Perhaps changing hiring standards, and not vegetable suppliers, might be the answer?

On a happier note, the claim that about half of this country’s adult population eats at Toxic Hell at least once a month should add some holiday cheer to the toilet-paper industry, at any rate.

Update, midnight-ish, GMT: According to AP reports, the vegetable samples that tested positive for E. coli were actually white onions, which Taco Bell is apparently continuing to offer – not the green ones they’ve removed. Oh, and that strain of E. coli isn’t the one that’s affected the dozens of ill customers, anyway.

What was that about “every Taco Bell is safe”, again?

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The Language of Politics

The U.S. administration is certainly never hesitant to say any old outlandish thing to further their aims, as hundreds of hyperbolic statements about the Global War on Terror have shown. It’s easy to overlook that the U.K. government occasionally coughs up hairballs of similar colour and texture, but a recent emission from Home Secretary John Reid deserves note:

According to The Telegraph, Reid warned that the “risk from terrorists in the Christmas period” is “very high indeed”, and that an “attempted attack over the Christmas period” is “highly likely”.
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