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Holiday Intruder

In the wee hours, late in the night of Christmas Day, we had an intruder in our backyard.
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Start Spreading the News…

We’d like to take a moment to congratulate local urban explorers Dan Snow, A/K/A Mr-X, and Katie Anderson, A/K/A Katwoman on their engagement.

It wasn’t exactly unexpected, but it’s still great news. Who knew that Dan’s gruff exterior hid the heart of a romantic? I mean, besides Kate. 🙂

Ten out of ten for style, Dan, ten out of ten.

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Bad Poems from a Decade Ago, #3

Continuing my trip thru the gutters and back-alleys near Memory Lane, here’s a poem I don’t recall writing, and which I (incorrectly) first thought was a haiku when I stumbled across it – but unless you allow 8-5-8-6 as a valid haiku pentameter, um, no.

The original text file is dated 1/1/1980, suggesting it was written on the 8088 I had until 1997 or 1998; at a guess, I’d say it’s from late 1996 or early 1997. Considering the subject matter, there’s a decent chance it was written around this time of year:

O gorgeous silent firefly
with abdomen of gold
you bring such cheer in summer months
where are you when it’s cold?

Happy Winter Solstice. If Christmas is more your thing, you may enjoy a little ditty from a year ago, which never fails to make me smile, something I’m not oft inclined to do…

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Bad Poems From A Decade Ago – #2

Following on from last week’s bumpy ride down memory lane, here’s a quartet (and a bit) of “Roses are red…” spoofs, written for a creative-writing class in April 1995. Unlike the last offering dredged up off a long-forgotten floppy disk, I still remember quite well the circumstances surrounding these poems.
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Buyer Beware

If, like me, you have been looking online for inexpensive hard drives for backup use, you might have come across an eBay seller with the user ID “hunny69bunny”, whose auctions seem remarkably good deals, on the surface.

They’re not.
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