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Look Down

You can wander around with your head in the clouds… or you can look down and see where you’re walking. Most people do the former; a Burnsville, Minnesota man might still be alive had he done the latter:

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) A Burnsville man was the victim of a fatal fall in a shuttered grain elevator in north Minneapolis…

Ronald Block, 32, died in the fall early Saturday morning…of blunt force head injuries.

Police said Block fell through a hole in the floor while wandering around the grain elevator complex with three others.

He’s not the first one to do something like this, and he won’t be the last. Grain mills and related structures tend to have a lot of holes in the floors, by design. Watch your step, or pay the consequences.

At 32, he seems too old to have been drinking and partying there, as college students are given to; likewise, he seems not to have been an urban explorer, though you never can tell. My guess? Random mischief-maker, or scrap metal thief… and my money’s on the latter.

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Oh, the Places You Go

As hinted at in a previous post, WCCO-TV should be airing a piece on urban exploration photography this week, possibly as early as Thursday, 02 November, with Minnesota’s least-popular urban explorer, Mike Gilday. No word on how bad it’ll be, but keep in mind – it could always be worse.

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