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Prisoners Then and Now

Much as comic books, science fiction, noir mysteries, and other writing genres had their “golden age” decades ago, it’s unlikely we’re ever going to again see a war to produce a revival of the escape-story genre, which flourished after WWI and WWII, as prisoners of war from those conflicts set down on paper their memoirs of captivity.

One (or two) of the best of this genre is (are) by Patrick Reid, who authored “The Colditz Story” (which, together with Latter Days at Colditz, is often published together as “Escape from Colditz”) about the goings-on and escapades at Germany’s most impregnable prisoner-of-war camp.

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Exposure Indices, Redux

Five months ago I wrote here about exposure indices and the apparent differences between ASA film ratings of yesteryear and the ISO film ratings of today. It was, in part, an exercise in thinking out loud, and reached no definitive conclusion to the problem of why exposure recommendations for the films of yesteryear seem to have revolved around “Sunny f/11” instead of “Sunny f/16”.

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Now with Moving Pictures

WCCO has posted online a transcript and video of the urban exploration feature that aired yesterday with local photographer Mike Gilday, for your reading or viewing pleasure. Some interesting photos – how many of them have you been to the location of?

Incidentally, the building shown in the video is called the “Lowertown Depot” – though it’s actually a petroleum company warehouse about a hundred yards from where the actual Depot used to be. It was partially redeveloped for condominiums, but I believe the deal fell thru, and now it’s home to pigeons and homeless folks…

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With Camera in Hand

WCCO, one of Minnesota’s furthest-reaching television stations, as I’ve hinted about before, aired a feature this evening on Saint Paul photographer, urban explorer, history buff, and camera geek Mike Gilday. It was surprisingly not all that bad, as far as television coverage of urban explorers goes. No particularly stupid statements, no particularly bad pictures, lots of unkempt hair (and those sideburns!), and, surprisingly, no stern warnings from law enforcement. By the standards of urbex media coverage, it didn’t suck much at all.

On a related note, sometime in the past week or two, the shaggy photographer seems to have authored an interesting article about Melody Gilbert’s urban exploration documentary, which is well worth a read.

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Into the Darkness

Well, the world got to see the workprint of Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness for the first time last night… and the response was very positive, indeed.

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