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The Hole that was Camp Falcon

There’s been a lot of buzz on the internet in the last couple days over a massive fire and series of explosions at a coalition base – Camp Falcon – on the outskirts of Baghdad. It’s still unclear what caused it – some reports say insurgent mortar fire, others blame a rocket or missile, and there’s no word on any casualties.
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A Clarification

After speaking with the irrepressible Melody Gilbert herself last night, I’d like to offer a bit of a clarification about the upcoming screening of her eagerly-awaited urban exploration documentary, which I’ve mentioned before here.

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Upcoming Media Coverage

Rumour has it that a Twin Cities television station is planning a piece on urban exploration – or at least urban exploration photography ahead of the upcoming premiere of Melody Gilbert’s UE documentary.

Yay Melody! 🙂

I wouldn’t expect anything too exciting from the TV piece, but at least it shouldn’t be as bad as some previous coverage here (some of which, though by no means all, has been pretty darned bad indeed).

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More Imperialism

I wrote earlier about the ominous ruling in the lawsuit between the spammers at e360 Insight and the anti-spam forces at Spamhaus, and how ridiculous it was that a U.S. court could judge on the actions of a British organization.

Well, the goons at e360 have apparently filed motion to have ICANN suspend Spamhaus’ domain name. I’ve looked, but have yet to find any sort of coherent logic for this action, other than petty punishment of Spamhaus.

If e360 Insight thinks this is going to somehow stop them being branded as spammers, they’re in for a rude surprise.

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North Korean Nuke Not a Dud

There’s a lot of speculation that North Korea’s nuclear test this morning may have been a failure. Skeptics point to the USGS seismic data as proof that nothing happened.

Well… I think they jumped the guns a bit.

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