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O, Mighty Allium

There’s some debate whether garlic is actually good for you or not. Less noted, and also less argued about, is the happy fact that garlic is excellent at repelling mosquitos. Have a couple pieces of garlic a day, and skeeters will completely leave you alone.

By no means are you expected to eat raw garlic; this is the twenty-first century, after all; we’re not savages. Well, most of us. Fry a little garlic and add it to your eggs in the morning. Toss some in soup you’re making. Heck, at most oriental groceries, you can buy jars of shredded, fried garlic, perfect for adding to pretty much anything.

Of course, a lot of food don’t necessarily go well with garlic. There’s a solution – down a few pieces of pickled garlic every day. It really doesn’t taste like garlic; it tastes like, well, pickles do – vinegar, mainly. And I can attest it works every bit as well as a diet of garlic bread and garlic-and-cheese omelettes. Even with the wet weather we’ve been having lately, and the subsequently large and energetic swarms of bloodsuckers, I haven’t been bitten by a mosquito in several months.

Or a vampire, for that matter.

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