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Razor Acquisition Disorder

I’ve been shaving daily with a 1912-patent Star single edge razor for about three weeks straight, after switching back and forth between that razor and a somewhat similar Gem Micromatic. Until today, the only double-edge razor I owned was a three-piece 1930’s Gillette Tech – specifically, one of the short-handled travel versions. It’s an okay razor, I suppose, but I don’t like the short handle, and don’t use it much.

I got a lot of two razors in the mail today, won off eBay; I’d believed that one was a Super Speed and the other a (full-sized) Tech, but I was wrong; both are Super Speeds! One is a basic brass-handled model from late 1956 – more or less exactly fifty years old – and the other is an aluminum-handled 1951 model.

Both cleaned up nicely, but I haven’t used either yet. I broke down yesterday and went to Target, returning with a tube of Prorasso shaving cream – true cream, not that foam in a can stuff. 🙂 I lathered a very little bit onto my face this morning and shaved with the Star. It was good. It was very, very good.

Objectively, all shaving cream has to do is lubricate your face, right? Well, this stuff does that quite well, every bit as well as the glycerine soap I’d been using the last couple days. I can’t honestly say it did any better a job, but it certainly wasn’t worse.

Subjective performance is where this stuff really shines. Sure, it’s the first real shaving soap I’ve used. That said, the mild, pleasant scent of the Proraso added a pleasant touch to the manly ritual of depilation, and the menthol (I assume) did a wicked, wicked job of cooling my skin.

So, yeah, I’m totally hooked on this retro-geek wetshaving thing now.

After my most excellent shave, I walked to a nearby convenience store and celebrated my luddite ways with a Nesbitt’s of California orange soda, in the glass bottle. It just seemed appropriate, somehow. 🙂

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