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Who Needs Progress?

As I’ve posted elsewhere here, I became bitten – at least a bit – by the “wetshaving” bug, a couple months ago. It’s not because I do, or want to, particularly enjoy shaving, or because I want to experience the absolute primping decadence of a good old-fashioned shave. No, I do it mainly because I enjoy how inexpensive it is, or can be. The retro-chic aspects, and the absolutely gorgeous shaves I’ve been getting, are just pleasant bonuses.

I haven’t gone all hog-wild with the brushes and mugs and soaps and boutique Israeli razor blades, and pre-shave conditioner and imported aftershave. Rather, I’ve been using Barbasol out of a can, with $0.50 “Gem” single-edge blades in a “Star” razor bearing a patent date of 1912, and I’ve been pretty darn happy. An unpleasant necessity (shaving) has become less unpleasant, and I get a much better shave than with a Mach 3.

Why Barbasol? Darned if I know. It’s cheap, and it more-or-less gets the job done. Well, I thought it did, anyway. Today I noticed that the hand soap I was using in the shower – Blue Heron – produces a pretty respectable lather, all things considered. It’s not the huge, thick foam of some of the expensive shaving soaps, but nothing to sneer at. So, in the interests of science, I lathered up my face real good, stepped out of the shower, and put razor to face.

When you get right down to it, soap in shaving is supposed to lubricate the razor-face contact. Well, compared to this basic hand soap, the Barbasol is like shaving thru wet concrete. With this bar soap, the razor just slid across my face like a puck on ice, leaving nothing but bare skin behind. End result? Perfectly smooth face, no cuts, no razor burn, no irritation.

I don’t want to become a die-hard shave geek… but I can feel the dark tug of the purpose-made shaving soaps calling out their siren songs of temptation and corruption…

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