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Indymedia is, of course, the “MySpace” for the slightly older but still cluefully-challenged on the far, far left. Here in the Twin Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, er, Minneapolis and Saint Paul, the “collective” that runs the local “node” apparently had their heads up their, yes, collective butts for quite some time, and – o happy days – we were left with a largely non-functional website for over a year. How the bleeding-hearts of the cities managed to coordinate their ill-conceived, pointless acts so often lacking in symbolism, purpose, or planning during those days, I haven’t a clue.

Alas, this digital embarassment to all things liberal in Minnesota has been back for a bit, and this post (and the comments) from yesterday showcases, in a nutshell, everything that’s wrong with the fringe left. Be sure to read the “fascist” comment, it’s priceless.

This is why the anarchist, libertarian, fringe left never accomplish anything meaningful.

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