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The Jerusalem Post

The Jerusalem Post’s website is one of my two main ways of keeping abreast of developments in that part of the world (the fairly similar Haaretz is the other). Alas, they seem to have been experiencing a huge slew of problems with their website all day today. I don’t know if it’s innocent technical problems; given the developing situation on the country’s northern border, the possibility of a DOS/DDOS attack has to be considered. For that matter, they could be seeing the “slashdot effect”, but when their site is up – a few pages, for a few minutes at a time – it seems to not have been updated at all today. Yes, it’s the Sabbat, but that didn’t stop Hizbollah from firing a few score rockets and missiles into Israel, and I wouldn’t think it would stop the Post from reporting about those and other developments.

Time, I suppose, will tell…

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