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Why I Hate DHL

Airborne Express used to be a great way to ship stuff quickly… and then they were bought by DHL. For that matter, DHL used to be a great way to ship stuff quickly; not anymore.

Friday morning I had a piece of computer hardware fail, and purchased a replacement from a major online retailer; I paid for “next-day shipping”, which turned out to be Airborne Express, i.e. DHL. I received the tracking number that afternoon – next-day, the DHL website said, with “Saturday Delivery”. Woo-hoo, right? Nope. Saturday came and went, and the package wasn’t delivered. In fact, it remained in the warehouse in it’s city of origin, as far as I can tell.

Monday, they did actually try to deliver… but I was at a funeral, and missed them. No problem, they try to redeliver the next business day.

Tuesday, they didn’t deliver. From 0930 to 1200, I was sitting in the kitchen with two relatives, taking and eating. DHL had said they were going to deliver in the “AM”, so at noon I went and checked the tracking number on their website. Imagine my surprise when I found out that apparently they’d tried to deliver again at five minutes to eleven. None of us had seen them show up – because they didn’t. Nor was there a delivery notice on the door.

I called DHL, and they said the driver had tried to deliver, but nobody was home. Bull; three people were here, the front door was open, and music was playing on the stereo. I explained how they’d failed to deliver on Saturday, as they should have, and how I’d missed them on Monday because of a funeral, and they said they’d try and contact the driver. A few minutes on hold later, I was told the driver was almost at the end of his run for the morning, and would swing by to redeliver the package shortly.

He didn’t.

So, here I am, four days after my “next-day” package was supposed to be delivered, and DHL has screwed up once and lied twice. I don’t know whether the local DHL outfit is a “real” DHL union-run hub (which would be bad enough) or an independant subcontractor outfit; either way, their driver lied twice, which I find inexcusable.

Presumably, the part is on it’s way back to the company. That’s fine; I’ve ordered another one from an outfit that ships via the more expensive but considerably more reliable, and competent, UPS.

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More Clueless and Paranoid People

How to look like idiots the fun and easy way. People who know nothing about the internet – and the way hosting works – really had ought to consider whether they’re even remotely qualified to make outlandish and paranoid assertations. Okay, so there are no real qualifications for making outlandish and paranoid assertations, so it would perhaps be best if they considered whether there were any actual facts to back up their, ahem, outlandish and paranoid assertations.

It happens again, and again, and again

Yes, it’s easy to see conspiracy theories everywhere. But some conspiracy theories are founded on fact and reason and logic; others on ignorance, stupidity, paranoia, and willful misinterpretation of the facts. The latter, alas, are not in short supply.

I’m not going to say anything else about this tinfoil-hat circle-jerk of ignorance, except that – as with the case of – it demonstrates the importance of having websites hosted with a person or company that actually knows what they’re doing. Clearly, that’s not the case here, for one reason (misplaced altruism?) or another (being ignorant cheapskates).

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