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Elitist Prigs

Seems some elitist prigs have yet to develop irony.

When I peruse a blog that is composed soley of snide and contemptuous remarks – no matter how far back in it’s archives I search for redeeming qualities – I’m inclined to dismiss it as ignoble juvenalia. There may potentially be a pearl of insight buried amid the excrement, but wading thru the latter is, most can attest, never worth the chance of the former. Because I’m neither a useless ivory-tower academic nor pretending very, very hard to be one, I can make the time in my busy day to point out their silliness, ignorance, and hypocrisy with a comment or two, as much due to my being of base birth as to a desire to punish such behaviour and those knaves who perpetrate it.

Narcissism is prevalent, even endemic, among would-be academics; the condition is common to the rich, lazy, inbred, those from broken homes, and those who can but aspire to such heights of angst and ennui. It’s a defense mechanism to help the starry-eyed idealist avoid coping with the painfully disappointing realities of their lackluster existance. Good therapists can usually hasten the inevitable removal of wool from the eyes and lead the sufferer to a more palatable state of disillusionment, but the stigma of therapy is, alas, generally most abhorrent to those who need it most.

Friends and loved ones can also stage an intervention, but the constant trickle of snide comments and other positive affirmations from the narcissist’s mouth generally preclude the existance of the former while fostering apathy in the latter.

The accessibility of the world-wide web as a publishing medium makes them terribly attractive to narcissists; all the self-importance and self-indulgence of vanity publishing, without the bothersome expense or easily interpreted quality metrics.

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