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Spy & Counterspy

If anyone knows what happened to the fascinating site that once lived at, they’re not telling.

The late ’90s and early ’00s were something of a heydey for the online discussion of countersurveillance tradecraft. Many people appeared out of nowhere, made brief flurries of (often very interesting indeed) activity online, and promptly disappeared without a trace, to become mildly legendary, or at least achieve a degree of polarizing infamy. The man or woman who wrote briefly as “Ranger Rick” was one such; Lee Adams was another.

Adams’ website disappeared as quickly as it appeared, probably due to his increasingly radical politics; thankfully, it’s still mirrored in at least a few places. Harder to find is his newsletter, F9, which can be had here or by searching Google for “f9 bulletin”.

Whether Adams was a decade ahead of his time, blowing smoke out his butt, or something else entirely, reading his stuff is an entertaining way to spend an evening.

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