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Microsoft (still) Sucks!

Turns out that if one wants to play Halo 2 on the PC, one will have to shell out beaucoup bucks and upgrade Windows… and possibly their computer’s hardware as well.

Has Microsoft not learned a damned thing? While Unix and Linux variants continue to be developed that are small and light enough to run on a SGI Indy, a SUN Sparcstation, or an old Pentium-2 workstation without problems, the idiots at Microsoft are making the next version of Windows – “Vista” – bigger, more bloated, more resource-intensive, and, to be frank, more unappealing than ever before.

Screw that. Bill Gates has gotten the last penny from me he’s ever going to see, the stupid megalomaniac.

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Oh, the Places You Go

You meet the strangest people and find the wierdest things in storm drains…

While I may have once or twice contemplated living in a storm drain should the end of the world come and I find myself forced to hide from radioactive Republican zombie hordes, I don’t think I’d do so just because I was, you know, homeless.

Then again, I’ve never (quite) been homeless, so what the hell do I know?

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