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The Suburban Jungle

A lot of people seem to have a real problem with all things furdom. Me, I couldn’t care less. To each their own, and all that.

One thing that does bug me is how every furry feels compelled to draw (and share with the world) artwork of their fursona. This wouldn’t be a huge issue, but furdom seems to attract all too few people with actual artistic talent.

So, it comes as something of a pleasant surprise to discover – just a few years after, you know, the rest of the world – Suburban Jungle, an almost-daily comic strip about anthropomorphic animals. It’s not necessarily as deep or as funny as Over the Hedge, but it’s quite well done and the compleat archive is available online, for free.

It’s arguable whether Over the Hedge is furry art; I’m inclined to say no. Why? R.J., Verne, Plushy, and the rest of the gang are animals. Sure, they walk upright and talk, but they’re animals, even more so than Snoopy and Garfield. Suburban Jungle’s Tiffany and friends are anthropomorphic animals; man-animals. They wear clothes, for the Gods’ sakes.

Which means you can not feel guilty for noticing when Tiffany’s wearing an especially tight sweater. Probably. 🙂

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