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Silly Webmasters

I really hate idiot webmasters who think that Google (or anyone else) is “censoring” them, or even “out to get them”. For Google, it’s not a product of the “China Thing(tm)”; it happened long before the recent brouhaha about started. I wrote about the cluelessness of here some time back; there have been many other examples.

Two recent ones that come to mind are the buffoons at Spacewar and Ogrish, both sadly linked to by Cryptome.

Not being in Google’s results for a couple days, even a few weeks, is normal behaviour for the mighty search engine; just ask any competent, knowledgable webmaster. It’s not a sign of a ban, or censorship.

You want censorship? Consider this site. Five months ago I criticized Technorati; today not one of the 150 or so pages on this site are indexed there. For two years I’ve been trying to get a second website indexed in Google, without success. Two years is something to get excited about. Five months is something to get irritated about. A couple days to a week? Only the egomaniacal and foolish get their undies in a bunch about that…

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New HSOMBs at the TCUEC

The folks at the TCUEC have posted a handful of new Homeland Security Operations Morning Briefs from late 2004. Previously they were putting up large PDF files, but it looks like they might be switching to a new image-based format. I never minded the PDFs, but apparently some people do, or did.

Someone really needs to buy them a scanner, though…

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The Suburban Jungle

A lot of people seem to have a real problem with all things furdom. Me, I couldn’t care less. To each their own, and all that.

One thing that does bug me is how every furry feels compelled to draw (and share with the world) artwork of their fursona. This wouldn’t be a huge issue, but furdom seems to attract all too few people with actual artistic talent.

So, it comes as something of a pleasant surprise to discover – just a few years after, you know, the rest of the world – Suburban Jungle, an almost-daily comic strip about anthropomorphic animals. It’s not necessarily as deep or as funny as Over the Hedge, but it’s quite well done and the compleat archive is available online, for free.

It’s arguable whether Over the Hedge is furry art; I’m inclined to say no. Why? R.J., Verne, Plushy, and the rest of the gang are animals. Sure, they walk upright and talk, but they’re animals, even more so than Snoopy and Garfield. Suburban Jungle’s Tiffany and friends are anthropomorphic animals; man-animals. They wear clothes, for the Gods’ sakes.

Which means you can not feel guilty for noticing when Tiffany’s wearing an especially tight sweater. Probably. 🙂

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Confusing Gas Station Attendants for Fun and Profit

Overheard at my neighbourhood crack dealer gas station today, by a man holding up two $5 bills: “Dude, I’ve got ten bucks, but I need eleven dollars’ worth of gas. Can you help me out?”

It’s so preposterously silly that one can’t help but laugh… which we all did.

Apropos of nothing, I have and am enjoying Gangsta Yoga with DJ Dog, a collection of funny, if oddball, comic strips from one Steve Watkins. It’s s bit like “The Boondocks” meets “Doonesbury”. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but better than a lot of what’s out there. It’s original, it’s funny, and doesn’t require an in-depth knowledge of current black culture and celebrities…

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Global Warming? Not Here!

So I keep reading about global warming, how the ice caps are melting, how we’re all going to die because of the stupid and short-sighted U.S. environmental policies of the Bu$h administration.

It’s ten degrees below zero in Minneapolis right now, Fahrenheit; -23 or so Celsius, and it’s supposed to get near twenty below, Fahrenheit, before morning. It never made it above zero today here.

Sure, it was above freezing earlier in the week, but that’s not the point.

As it was about a year ago here, it’s cold enough to amaze your friends with the disappearing-water trick that was posted back then. Seriously geeky fun.

I just wonder if it works with coffee?

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