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The More We Get Together, The Happier We’ll Be

The late Germain Vigeant had a profile on MySpace, linked above. Seems to have been a “live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse” kind of person. Well, I guess she achieved two out of three.

Pretty much I like to kick it with my pally wals, get way too drunk, and fuck shit up.

Hope you’re in a happier place now, Germain.

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Germain Vigeant, 1985-2006

It’s not the fall that kills, it’s the sudden stop at the bottom, as Germain Juliette Vigeant may have discovered. While there’s a pretty nice view to be had from atop the Bunge elevators, it’s not a view worth dieing for.

Happily, there’s no indication that she or her friend were involved in any sort of organized Urban Exploration activity. That won’t stop some people from trying to connect the two, sadly…

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