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The TCUEC folks have debunked a handful of rather stupid statements appearing amid all the other rather stupid statements on Jason Chapman’s lackluster website. See their PDF here.

Yes, it’s the same Jason Chapman, AKA Panic!, who once rather creepily impersonated author Jonathan Littell online, who threatened suicide and failed to go thru with it, and who, frankly, probably generates huge personal attention-getting crises rather more often than he changes his socks… Still, the debunking is worth reading if you’re interested in urban exploration in the Twin Cities.

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Mouser Week VI

It’s that time of the year again, again. Mark Vollrath and friends have announced Mouser Week VI, the latest more-or-less annual gathering of urban explorers in the Twin Cities, 20 thru 29 January, with a public gathering to be held at Perkins in Minneapolis the night of the 21st. See the link for details.

Keep an ear on the police scanner; it promises to be a typically fun-filled week…

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