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Reality paging Dr. Dobson

I shouldn’t be surprised that James Dobson’s new blacklist of companies for conservatives to avoid patronizing includes Microsoft. That Microsoft are evil is most likely the only think the “doctor” and I will ever come close to agreeing upon.

Alas, it looks kind of bad when the servers hosting the list are running Windows 2000 and 2003. Somehow I expected better from Mr. Dobson than “Do as we say, not as we do”. I mean, their IP addresses are owned by another company on the list, Raytheon. Good move, James.

Seeing as how Intel is on the list, I really hope the processors in those servers are AMD…

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New movie website

The website for Melody Gilbert’s Urban Exploration documentary Into the Light has been updated, with a bunch of neat stuff. Worth a look, if you haven’t already been. It’s rumoured it’ll make it’s public debut sometime in 2Q06. Definately worth waiting for…

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Tolerance 1, Ford 0

John has the goods on the victory of the shiny happy tolerant people over Ford Motor Company and the bigoted ninnies at the Amerikan Family Association.


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Even Iran Has It’s Share of Idiots

Sometimes I think the United States has a monopoly on ignorance and stupidity, and then some dumbass like Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad goes and says something so downright dumb, that, in a way, it sort of makes me proud to see such very Great-Satan qualities being shown by a leader of a member of the Axis of Evil.

Ahmadinejad, in case you missed it, said that the holocaust was a myth, a legend, fabricated by Jews.

Usually it’s redneck skinhead Bubbas in America who do the holocaust denying, not heads of foreign states, however inbred they may be.

I sympathize with the Iranian people, having to live in a tyrranical dictatorship, led by a raving idiot of a politician. Not enjoying it much here, can’t imagine they’re enjoying it there.

Where’s this filed? “D” for “Dummy”, of course. 🙂

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More HSOMBs online

The folks at the Twin Cities Urban Exploration Cabal are slowly making a large number of previously-unseen Homeland Security Operations Morning Briefs (HSOMB) available online, starting with September of 2004. Definately worth bookmarking and checking back.

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