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No More Tookie

One fewer Crip in the world. Not a bad beginning for the holiday season, if I do say so myself.

Stanley Tookie Williams, a worthless drain on the State of California for more than two decades. I just hope he doesn’t get turned into even more of a martyred hero by modern thug culture, a la Biggie and Tupac.

Sorry. Not a big fan of gang-bangers, knamean?

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Ian Spiers, MIA

So, whatever happened to Ian Spiers, of Brown Equals Terrorist fame? It’s been some six months since that site was last updated – it’s now a land of spammy comments and broken links. Likewise, his personal site doesn’t seem to have been updated since October…

I have to admit, I didn’t always agree with everything Ian wrote, but I enjoyed reading it, regardless; and he definately had skill as a photographer. Too few people still work in B&W these days…

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