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Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving, I’d like to give special thanks, in no particular order, to:

The Bush Administration, for torturing people to keep me safe from people who hate my freedom and liberty;

The Economy that means I have to work today and tomorrow, and my partner has to work tomorrow;

The Landlord, who can neither ensure a regular supply of hot water nor properly functioning drains to efficiently get rid of the lukewarm bathwater du jour;

The Utility Companies who are charging me now almost twice what they were a year ago;

The Mainstream Media, for tirelessly telling me just how good I’ve got it;

Qwest, for still not being able to provide high-speed internet to my neighbourhood in the ghetto;

My next-door neighbour Five Percent gang members, who be so damn scary all the other troublemakers run to they mommas…

and last but not least, Saint Paul Mayor Randy Kelly, whose days in office are mercifully numbered, and whom shall shortly plague my existence no more.

Happy fucking turkey day.

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