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New Lighttpd out…

Lighttpd, the smaller, better, new httpd, has just had version 1.4.8 released today. Mostly a bugfix, but worth upgrading. Took a few minutes for me, and went perfectly smooth. Lighttpd keeps quietly accumulating new features; if you haven’t taken a look at it in a month or two, as was my case, you might be pleasantly surprised by new access-logging and traffic-shaping options that have recently appeared. 🙂 Still no way (apparently) to get it to log hostnames, but other than that, it’s just about the perfect Apache replacement.

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Contents Under Pressure

Contents under pressure. Cap may blow off causing eye or other serious injury. Point away from face and people, especially while opening.

What is this warning on? A firework? A bottle of champagne? Some kind of pressurized fuel or something?

Nope. It’s a bottle of diet 7-up. Not only does this Splenda-sweetened beverage taste like sewer water, it carries one of the most ridiculous warnings I’ve seen on a consumer product recently. I mean, I knew soft drinks were bad for you, but “eye or other serious injury”? Should clerks be checking the age of people buying this foul-tasting swill? That warning is worse that the Surgeon General warning on most domestic beer, for crying out loud!


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