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All Things Considered

I was listening to the radio just now, and got a harsh reminder as to just why I hate NPR’s All Things Considered. They were talking about some proposed cuts to federal food-assistance funding, which would both reduce the number of people who receive food stamps and reduce the volume of assistance others receive.

The coverage had little to do with the political angle; it was very much a fluff, human-interest piece, all boo-hoo. I mean, I’m one of those damned pinko liberal assholes that are ruining this country, according to the White House, and even I though it was a bleeding-heart story. Two parts really irked me, though:

They were (or, more likely, were just pretending to be) outraged both by existing limitations on food-stamp eligibility for immigrants to the U.S., and a proposed increase in those limitations. It’s a travesty, they said, that legal immigrants – people here legally! – cannot get food stamps for the first five years they’re here.

Get off it, already. There are enough people sponging off the federal government here already; do we really need people coming here just to do that? Sponging off the government isn’t a step to a “better life”.

But that wasn’t touchy-feely enough for NPR, so they had some legislator from Michigan on, talking about some concerned Michigan resident who receives food stamps, but who probably won’t under the proposed new regulations. She’s a teacher, part time. Sniff. She makes less than eight thousand dollars a year. Sniff. She gets around $150 a month in food stamps. Sniff. She’s mentally ill, and relies on that $150. Sni- wait, what!?

See the problem? Mentally ill teacher? Is there any wonder she’s living below the poverty line? Gods almighty, get her off fucking food stamps and make her switch to a career where she can one, support herself, and two, not be doing something that, you know, a person with a mental disability probably shouldn’t be doing. Eight grand a year? You can make three times that much working at McDonalds, or the Post Office, and in neither place is a mental impairment a huge freaking liability.

Boo-hoo? No, just boo.

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