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Photosights Bows Out

A message sent today to contributors to the stagnant stock photography site Photosights:

Hi everybody,

Well… Where do I start? After 6 years (+), I have made the (very difficult) decision to exit from the stock photography business as an “agent”. The reasons for this vary, but the primary reasons are simply:

a). Sales are way too low; only about $15,000 this year.
b). I just do not have the drive to carry on…

That said, I’ve learned a lot about business and marketing since I started this venture! Most of my income is now based on the skills that I learned from this business.

Where does this leave you as a contributor? Well… is well established on the Internet (receiving over 20,000 visitors per month), and I still think it has potential. Advertising revenue covers some of the costs associated with keeping it running, and it has consistently generated at least $10,000 per year in stock photo sales for several years now. The site also has over 4600 registered members; many of which are photo buyers… It would be a huge waste OUR time to simply “pull the plug”, so this is what I’m thinking:

1). Your high resolution images will be purged.
2). Low resolution images will be kept on file.
3). The editorial system will be streamlined, but it will remain in place.
4). The system will be revised to permit photographers to deal with photo buyers directly.

The “new” service will be completely fee-based for new users. Current users will have a grace period (of at least 6 months) to decide if they wish to carry on.

Once again, this has been a very difficult decision for me to make. I really tried to “make a go of it”; investing tens of thousands of dollars (not to mention thousands of hours) into marketing, development, design, etc.

I look forward to your feedback…


Nick Morley / PhotoSights

I’m not real heartbroken; PhotoSights could have been a good site, but the marketing was never terribly impressive, and Nick’s administrative efforts were, shall we say… lacking. Stock photography is a cutthroat business, and Photosights’ business model of “more of the same” just wasn’t innovative enough to cut it.

I’m not clear if this announcement also includes NWPW / Northwest Photoworks, the parent company, but it certainly sounds like it, and Photosights members are contracted with NWPW directly. Most likelt Getty or one of the other twenty-ton gorillas of the stock business will acquire Northwest Photoworks’ assets and, as they so often do, completely gut the company and release the vast majority of their contributors from their contracts…

Ah, well…

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