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Bill O’Reilly is Gay

It’s as good an explanation as any for why he’s no damned nuts. The way I see it, Billy’s a gay, S&M afficionado who likes being a bottom, but the big pustule on his ass – you know the one I’m talking about – makes it excruciatingly painful for him to take it up the bunghole. Like so many other self-loathing closet homosexuals, he became a Republican, and in perfect lockstep with the party pursues a course of action against gays and all those who support them.

We all hate in others what we fear most in ourselves, after all.

I really, really want on Bill’s enemy list, if you can’t tell.

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Twin Cities IndyMedia

So… anyone want to start a pool on when, if ever, the kiddies over at the TwinCities IMC are going to get their act together and, I dunno, fix their website? I know it’s run by volunteers, but usually fringe activist types are more motivated than this. It’s been almost four months since it was last running correctly…

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It’s all about image

Just caught this week’s episode of CSI. Why, oh why, did Nick Stokes have to grow a mustache? Every time I see him now, I can’t decide whether he looks more like a member of the Village People, or an early-’80s porn star. All he needs is a pair of gold-framed aviator sunglasses.

Nick’s not married, is he? Combined with the new early-’80s Freddie Mercury look, it makes one wonder, doesn’t it? With a leather biker jacket he’d be a killer macho man…

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Mitre Corporation, anyone?

I’d be interested to hear from anyone with knowledge, rumour, or thoughts about any web-spidering or similar projects being run by MITRE. Any sort or Cyveillance-like projects? Anything Echelon-related?

I’ve noticed some unusual traffic patterns from their address space, that, shall we say, piques my curiosity a bit.

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Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving, I’d like to give special thanks, in no particular order, to:

The Bush Administration, for torturing people to keep me safe from people who hate my freedom and liberty;

The Economy that means I have to work today and tomorrow, and my partner has to work tomorrow;

The Landlord, who can neither ensure a regular supply of hot water nor properly functioning drains to efficiently get rid of the lukewarm bathwater du jour;

The Utility Companies who are charging me now almost twice what they were a year ago;

The Mainstream Media, for tirelessly telling me just how good I’ve got it;

Qwest, for still not being able to provide high-speed internet to my neighbourhood in the ghetto;

My next-door neighbour Five Percent gang members, who be so damn scary all the other troublemakers run to they mommas…

and last but not least, Saint Paul Mayor Randy Kelly, whose days in office are mercifully numbered, and whom shall shortly plague my existence no more.

Happy fucking turkey day.

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