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Sucks to be you!

Sucks to be you… if you missed the preview fundraiser for Melody Gilbert’s urban exploration documentary Into the Light last night. Much fun was had by all, from what I can tell. There was music, food, dancing, alcohol, a burlesque performance, a fashion show of interesting ’50s-retro clothing… plus some cool photos, of course, and the preview of the movie itself. 🙂

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Just a reminder…

Tonight (15 October, baby) at 2100 CDT (that’s 9 o’clock for the rest of you) is the fundraiser/preview in Saint Paul for Melody Gilbert’s urban exploration documentary. Come one come all; meet cool people, drink cool drinks, and see a hopefully cool preview of a hopefully cool movie. You know you want to. Those with Apple Quicktime and stuff can check out a teeny tiny preview here. I think. 🙂 Others may want to try the video here, and/or the twenty-minute interview with Melody.

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Apologies for any poor performance…

Apparently the server slugsite is hosted on is having some problems with Apache and DNS lookups, which is causing Apache processes to never, ever die… with predictably bad results for the server. They assure me they’re working on it, so… if you can’t get here, or it takes a while to load, they’re working on it, they’re working on it…

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Never misunderestimate the black vote

According to a diarist on Kos, NBC is reporting that Prezident Nero has a staggering two percent approval rating among African-Americans.


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Don’t mess with the shopkeepers…

…’cause they’re armed.

At approximately 1 a.m. Tuesday, two gunmen entered the front entrance of the market in the 600 block of University Avenue Southeast and held an employee, Shawn Phillips, at gunpoint, according to the Minneapolis Police Department report and business owner Abed Hassuneh.

They stole approximately $2,000 in cigarettes, $1,700 from the cash register and $4,700 from the office, Hassuneh said.

After viewing the events through his surveillance equipment in the upstairs apartment, Hassuneh said, he locked the front door of the business from the outside, trying to trap the thieves.

Hassuneh said he doesn’t own a gun, but was carrying a “small sword? during the incident, he said.

Hassuneh then called police, and a nearby officer arrived.

After finding an exit in the rear of the store, one man escaped after being chased by an officer, he said. Hassuneh held the back door closed until the officer returned. The other man broke open the rear door, knocked down the officer and escaped. Hassuneh said he was able to cut the running thief on his bicep with the sword.

Give props to the Ninja Shopkeeper, yo.

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