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Fortress ITX / Dedicated Now can kiss my ass…

There once was a guy from the UK, named Rus Foster. Rus was, and is, a good guy. Among other things, Rus is a genuine Linux and BSD guru, and once owned and ran a company called JVDS, at They provide VPS’s/VDS’s – virtual linux servers, at a pretty good rate. They were an excellent deal, with fast, reliable servers, good connectivity, and kick-ass support.

Then the dumbasses from DedicatedNow, owners of the “Fortress ITX” datacenter, bought the company out… and it’s been nothing but bad news ever since. Crappy support, mediocre uptime, and server – and network – performance sucked. Because moving websites is a pain in the ass, I’ve kept a couple sites I of mine, and those of others, on one of their servers for some time now.

When the Fortress people took over, processing power allocated to my virtual server fell by 50-75%. To compensate, I reduced the number of applications running. I switched from Apache to Lighttpd. I optimized the hell out of everything, and I sort of got things to the point where everything ran pretty well. Nowhere near what it was like when Rus was at the helm, but… almost acceptable.

Well, today I had the last straw. I was trying to transfer a tarball from that server to a site elsewhere… and guess what speed I was able to get on the that server? One megabit? Nope. Half a megabit? Nope. Okay, a quarter-megabit, right? Slow DSL speed? Pretty much. The max speed I’ve been able to coax out of that ridiculous excuse for a server is 36KB/s – around 290Kbps. It’s a fucking joke.

I really think that Jay, and the other goons at Fortress and Dedicated Now, are minions of evil who corrupt and destroy everything they touch.

Turds, I tell you. Turds.

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Thank you Sir, may I have another?

What the hell is going on with Technorati? Grandiose promises don’t seem to have come to much. For at least the last 48 hours, every query I’ve tried there has returned the “Sorry, we couldn’t complete your search because we’re experiencing a high volume of requests right now” error page. I’m undecided on whether they’re clueless, incompetent, or liars, but am leaning towards the former.

If I were feeling motivated, I’d start a pool on when their service will become useful again, but that would make this an online gambling site, and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself because of it. C’est la guerre, non?

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Ignorance is Bliss

Seems some idiots just can’t live without drama. Heaven forbid the learn anything; no, it’s much easier to see conspiracies where there are none, and fabricate things to be outraged at. Given all the crap going on in the world, you’d think they’d have plenty to be upset about without pulling shit out of their asses, but, no, apparently not. Ignorance is bliss.

It’s the Cogent and Level(3) thing, again. Websites are unreachable because they have single-provider connections. Single provider == single point of failure, as they’re discovering now. Bet those unmetered servers at The Planet in Texas aren’t looking like such hot bargains right now…

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